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In 1971 Erin Pizzey founded Chiswick Women's Aid, the first refuge for battered wives. Her 1974 book "Scream Quietly or the Neighbors Will Hear" brought the issue to the attention of the public.

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The Independent - Defender of abused women finds a new cause: male victims

Posted by Erin Pizzey Saturday, January 19, 2008 2:17 AM
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Erin Pizzey, the campaigner who pioneered treatment for abused women by setting up Britain’s first refuge centre for victims of domestic violence in the 1970s, is now turning her attention to another group of often overlooked victims: men. ...

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2 Responses to “The Independent - Defender of abused women finds a new cause: male victims”

  1. John Deckebach Says:

    The problem takes another twist if looked at from the point of view of how the prenatal infant’s bio-chemistry, psychology, neurology, and mental self image are shaped during the nine months in the womb. The incoming spirit must agree with mother’s point of view in every detail or its body is immediately spontaneously aborted. The mother’s point of view of being Superior must be agreed with. The child must be inferior.

    For the daughter this is a problem that is not insurmountable, she knows that some day she will be Mother Superior so she studies the mother and learns all her moves.

    For the son, especially one’s with no father present he feels entirely invalid, worthless, and inadequate. Hence the need for men to be macho or musho, bad boys (jail) or good boys (corporate) which ever their perceived path to validity may seem to be.

    The mother’s self image of Superiority is evidently common to all cultures for one see male compensation for their unconscious feelings of worthlessness taking its unique forms with in every culture.

    Women’s tendency to not be introspective at the depth of self image projection and propagation seems to make the situation hopeless. They do not realize that self image is the minds imagination of who one thinks one is and is not who one actually is. When one does not distinguish self (consciousness in a body) form self image (imagination) a truly psychotic society results.

    The cosmic geophysical forces acting on all life forms at this time are forcing movement in the feminine emotional body of all of creation in order to expose, understand and resolve the issue.

    Why are men in the Republic of the Congo raping, mutilating and killing women? Their unconscious hatred of themselves stemming from their own feelings of worthlessness instilled by the mother is what is driving their revenge. As time moves forward it is foretold that the revenge cycle will be amplified. Self aggrandizement and self loathing will destroy each other leaving those with self acceptance as conscious in a sensual living body to repopulate the planet. It will not be a pretty picture as it unfolds.

    Best wishes to a fellow traveler on the path to full self acceptance.


  2. Andromeda Says:

    May I recommend THE WOMAN RACKET by Steve Moxon?

    It deals with this issue in the chapter “Home Lies: Violence between partners is not mostly by men’

    And does anybody remember the comic strip BRINGING UP FATHER in which henpecked husband has rolling-pin wielding wife. Heavy objects hurled at husbands is also a stock joke, as old as the mother-in-law ones.

    Or indeed Punch and Judy where BOTH parties are equally guilty of marital violence?

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