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In 1971 Erin Pizzey founded Chiswick Women's Aid, the first refuge for battered wives. Her 1974 book "Scream Quietly or the Neighbors Will Hear" brought the issue to the attention of the public.

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Cabinet Office reply to petition asking that help be provided for ALL victims

Written by Erin Pizzey Thursday, April 17, 2008 10:56 AM
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So finally, as you can see below, the Cabinet Office has put out a statement after 37 years of lies and denials to tell us what most of us have always known … domestic violence is not a gender issue.

The Home Office in London also has issued the following statement: “Domestic violence is defined by the Home Office as ‘any violence between current and former partners in an intimate relationship wherever the violence occurs. The violence may include physical sexual, emotional and financial abuse.’ Domestic violence occurs across society regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, wealth and geography.”

Now will we have to wait another 37 years to dismantle the evil feminist movement that have pocketed money designed to save all victims of domestic violence?

So far I see no movement in the National Federation of Women’s Aid in Britain. There is no move to allow men to sit on the committees of the local refuges. There is no move to allow men to apply for jobs in the local refuges. Indeed they have claimed a completely discriminatory legal device to refuse men access to jobs in the refuge movement. There is no move to allow boy children over the age of twelve to join their mothers in refuges. These children are forced to go into children’s homes or foster care at one of the most terrifying moments of their lives.

The most depressing part of the Cabinet statement is the idea of a ’safe room.’ Anyone who works in the field of domestic violence knows that in the case of severe violence the only safety for the partner and the children is anywhere far away from the perpetrator’s territory. To evict a violent person from their home is tantamount to a death sentence for many victims and children. Violent people are very territorial. Even if the local English boroughs do manage to make a fortress out of one room in the house, the perpetrator will stalk outside, snatch the children from school and lie in wait for the partner. Intervention against people who often have severe personality disorders can only be taken by experts who really understand the dangers the victims and children face. The ’safe room’ suggestion is a penny pinching exercise on the part of the local boroughs. The idea is that then they can then refuse to re-house victims of domestic violence - they don’t house men anyway who are victims.

Anyway the real issue is not men and women but the real victims in all the violence - the children. Adults have choices the children have none. They are truly innocent and they are robbed of their God given right to a warm and loving family; they are robbed of the innocence of their childhood and now we know from neurobiologists, they are brain damaged from the trauma of the violence.

A few days ago a Canadian professor who has been working the field of family violence came to see me. We talked for five solid hours and did not stop even for a cup of tea. It was such a solace because all of us feel the isolation of our positions. For him it is perilous as he has to struggle for tenure. I won’t use his name because I believe Canada to be the most impervious to any change. The radical feminists were so hugely funded by Pierre Trudeau that they were able to dig deep into the Canadian establishment and to spend years setting up their employment opportunities to exclude men. Canada is a dangerous place for families and for men and boys.

Next week I am making a documentary for Iran television and even though the programme is about domestic violence towards women I will make it clear that D.V. is not a gender issue and hopefully the discussion will remain in the realms of reality.

I am confident if we all pull together and keep the faith soon, hopefully in my life time, we can look back on the last thirty seven years as the dark ages when good men and women did not do enough and evil was able to flourish.

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5 Responses to “Cabinet Office reply to petition asking that help be provided for ALL victims”

  1. Lu Says:

    Hi, Erin
    I am writing from Spain and the english is very difficult to me. Sorry.

    Many times I asked me: “How many sindicalist or slaves had died, have been tortured or sent to prison? How many men and women was asessinated while they trying to get some part of power or fight for the equality?… And How many feminists had suffered this things?

    I don’t know why the man give part of his power to the woman creating subsides, Women Institutes, etc… It is as if the feminist movement had been implanted ‘from above’, not born from “below”.

    When I have read the Kissinger Memorandum NSSM 200, I thought that the peak of this kind of feminism could possibly be explained by the necessity of diminishing the population, like Kissinger recommended. This document speaks of the necessity of encouraging the woman’s work, the woman’s study, and many other things proposed by the feminist organisms. The name of this document is: “IMPLICATIONS OF WORLDWIDE POPULATION GROWTH FOR U.S. SECURITY AND OVERSEAS INTERESTS”.

    Now, reading some of your articles, I can see the ‘industry’. I ask me: what can I do?…In Spain is terrible. I work writing books; I have intended to write about the domestic violence or on the violent women and they have not accepted it. Recently have been created Ministry of Equality but thinking: “all man are violents”, “all women are victims”…

  2. erin pizzey Says:

    I know there are great difficulties in Spain not least the fact that you have so many feminist judges but I promise you the situation is not nearly so bad as it is in some other countries. I think in countries like Canada where family life has broken down and the feminist movement have been in power with huge sums of money donated to their cause the whole of the society and the government are ‘feminized’ and the thinking that men are dangerous, violent and rapists has so brain washed a nation that men are discriminated in a way I have not seen anywhere else.

    There will always be a fragile balance between men and women. Marriage protects women especially once they have children and during the long years when they necessarily have to submit themwelves to the deamnds of family life. Most of us, I am a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother - are happy to do this

  3. erin pizzey Says:

    the problem is that for some forty years women too have been brainwashed into being ashamed of wanting to be full time mothers and home makers. When I lived in America I was the only woman home in my street. My chldren and grand children were the only children to come home to a cooked meal and a mother and grandmother in the kitchen and about the house and garden - the other children were latch key kids. I was disliked by the other mothers who objected to my role in the home. How can this be? We are equal in God’s eyes but I think in time,women will come to see the damage that the feminist movement has done to the Western world and men who have been too frightened to speak up will find their voices. If men and women don’t repudiate the violence of this movement there is no healthy warm loving future for our children. There is no home with at least one parent prepared to creat a hearth for everyone else.

  4. enrique Says:

    Good work for all involved!
    Now we need our governments to repel the “power and control” as the only cause for DV. A neutral statute can still be discriminatory in its application. This one surely is. Men=abusers because of patriarchy. : )
    Let’s seek to help all victims and all abusers. Let’s be mediators.
    It can be done!
    Thanks Mrs. Pizzey for your relentless strugle.
    Miami, Florida.

  5. Peter Says:

    Sad to see this language still there:
    “According to the British Crime Survey, one in four women and one in six men will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives. While the figures show that domestic violence is predominantly violence by men against women, we recognise the need to ensure that the law offers all victims the same level of protection.”
    Most men who are victims of domestic violence don’t report it…there is NO TRUTH to the statement “domestic violence is predominantly violence by men against women”. Indeed, the figures of more balanced surveys show the violence is about equal….to only count the reported instances of violence is little more than ‘changing the base’…it’s stats 101…when you want to bias the figures you change the base…..

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